Colombia - Finca La Suiza

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Our best selling coffee, this Colombia is a crowd pleaser.  Roasted to a medium dark profile, our Columbia fits the bill for those medium and dark roast drinkers alike.  It achieves fully body without smoky and bitter flavors.  We like this one best brewed on drip, french press, and cold brew.  

Finca La Suiza is owned by Hector Arcadio Zuñiga, a second-generation coffee producer from Acevedo, Huila, Colombia. Hector has been producing coffee for 25 years and works with his wife, daughter, and two sons on the farm.  Hector’s final words sum it all up perfectly, “All of us always working towards the same goal which is to offer you all the best cup. Just taste it.” 

Farm:  Finca La Suiza

Origin:  Colombia

Region:  Huila

Tasting Notes:  Brown Spice, Cacao, Honeydew

Process Method: Washed

Roast Level:  Medium/ Dark