Mexico - La Aurora

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For the dark roast lovers in our community, we've got a new on for you.  Our Mexico Oaxaca has a heavy body and a smooth finish.  We've got a feeling this one will become your new favorite.  We like this one best brewed on drip, or french press.

La Aurora coffee comes from Sierra Norte, Oaxaca, on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Small farms of 2 to 4 hectares produce coffee under the natural shade of the jungle and allow them access to minerally rich soil while protecting the region's biodiversity. The micro-climate of Sierra Norte, between Sierra Central and Sierra Cosolapa on the Pacific coast of Mexico, allows for a slow maturation of the cherry. In combination with a slow fermentation process, a fully washed process, and sun-dried in patios, the result is a sweet profile with a clean finish.

Farm:  Finca La Aurora

Origin:  Mexico

Region:  Oaxaca

Tasting Notes:  Toffee, Plum, Cocoa

Process Method: Washed

Roast Level:  Dark