Nine Lives Espresso

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On one of our adventurous sourcing tips,  we met with a wise coffee producer who told us this; "A coffee shop's voice is it's espresso."  This really stuck with us and made a big impact in how we approach our espresso.  Our Nine Lives espresso roast is a coffee we care very much about and take a lot of care in roasting and profiling.  If you're an espresso drinker of any type, you're sure to like our.  We find it smooth, creamy, & sweet.  The balance of acidity is just perfect and it pairs very well with milk.  We take so much pride in ourNine Lives espresso roast and we believe it reflect us as a roasting company perfect.

Origin:  Guatemala

Region:  Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango

Co-op:  Rio Azul Cooperative

Tasting Notes:  Sweet, Nutty, Rich, & Creamy

Process Method: Washed

Roast Level:  Medium/Dark